Dracula’s Chambers


You are traveling back in time, straight to the chambers of Vlad The Impaler. In a dark foggy place you will hear inexplicable sounds and voices. If you don’t escape before the sunset, I am afraid that it will be too late…

In cooperation with our partners we already made „Dracula’s chambers“ in three locations: in Belgrade (Serbia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Fuerteventura (Spain).

Our Dracula room got very popular because of many reasons:

– Dracula is a room with great atmosphere. This is important to the majority of the customers. As you enter the first room you will feel like you are back in time in a medieval century, a dark foggy place with spider net all over like nobody has been there for ages, and this is the first moment when people say WOW.

– Dracula is a well known theme worldwide. A lot of people heard about Dracula and they relate it to some historical-horror theme which attracts a lot of people in comparison with some other game themes, that don’t really have a representative name or topic.

– Our game has really interesting, diverse flow of challenging games, so players really need to concentrate on solving them without wasting a lot of time, which makes the game more intense.


The best thing is it will only cost you about 2500-3000 Euros to make it. You can save a lot of money if you have some old furniture and some relevant objects that you could use, instead of buying new ones. Most of the stuff we got in second hand furniture stores and from EBay. The best part for beginners is that in “Dracula’s chambers” everything is medieval, so there are no games with electronic devices, that easily can break or need adjustments from time to time, so the room is very easy and cheap to maintain.








2-5 participants