How to attract more customers to Escape Room

More customers means more money. Plain and simple. But getting new customers isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if people don’t know what are escape rooms at all.

To attract more customers you will have to put a lot of effort and these next steps can help you do it.

Tripadvisor is very important!!! is a social platform where people share their opinions about places they visit, including escape room games. Being highly positioned on Tripadvisor is a great social proof. From beginning of time people were looking to hear other opinions on different subjects and this hasn’t change ever since. It’s easier for them to make a decision to do or buy something if they see that something is recommended by others. You know “everybody is doing that, I have to try”.

Believe it or not, a lot of escape room owners don’t have official Tripadvisor account and some of you might ask: “why is it so important?”. Based on a marketing research, 55% of travellers are using this platform in order to find things they would like to visit. That’s a huge number of potential visitors and the best part is that it won’t cost you anything, except your time and effort. You will also have feedback from your customers which you can use to improve your game.

By having good reviews, you will without doubt attract more customers. If you are located in areas with a lot of tourists, Tripadvisor is a must-have for your progress.

Without Facebook you don’t exist

What most of escape rooms owners have is a Facebook page where they post only the pictures of the groups they had and that’s about it. But Facebook is and can be much more.

If you have interesting content, you succeeded. FALSE. You need to have interesting content that’s ONLY about escape room business. This is called sales funnel. You can post funny videos and pictures that have nothing to do with escape rooms and you will get likes that basically don’t mean anything. Don’t think that people will see something they like, then go on the page where they will search what’s that page about and then decide out of nowhere “YES lets play an escape room”. Believe me, I tried this way, it’s to complicated and people in generally don’t think like that.

What you can do is create quality content regarding escape room business, like short movies where you explain people what are escape rooms, similar to this one:

And you can make all kind of videos where people are playing your escape room, or funny short videos like this one:

Make a lottery

People LOVE free stuff and you can use this to promote your escape room and attract more customers. Make a lottery where the reward will be playing your escape room for free. Ask people to tag their friends in the comment who they want to play escape room with. After some time, let’s say two weeks, you can use to choose a winner and publish the result, so everyone can see who that person is.

If you want even bigger reach, you can ask them to tag one person per comment in as many comments they like, so the more comments they make, the bigger the chances that one of their friends will get rewarded with playing your escape room for free.

This won’t cost you anything except one free appointment in your escape room and you will get a huge reach.
Please be advised not to do this too often(only once or twice a year), because it can cause the opposite effect. People may think you are giving something for free from time to time and they will just wait for the next opportunity. Also, you will reduce the price of your escape room, as people may think this doesn’t cost that much or it’s nothing special, if they are giving it for free this often.


Reducing your price by selling them on different websites with discount will only have counter-effect in long term period (explained in previous paragraph and it will be the theme of some other article).

Giving vouchers is something completely different. It’s targeting people that didn’t hear about escape rooms before and with 25% discount vouchers you will attract them to play your room. The key of success lies in large numbers, as I am about to explain you.

This is one successful example of how we did it:

Our municipality was giving away free New Year packages for kids that included candy, toys and other items. They offered us to participate by putting our vouchers in the New Year presents. This way, they received something of value and we had free promotion.

The best thing is that they gave away 18000 of these packages that also contained our vouchers.

This is the math, plain and simple:

It cost us around 100$ to make 18000 vouchers and we had around 50 groups so far.
50 x 30$ = 1500$
Take note: most of these people never HEARD about escape rooms before and most of them will definitely come back to play your other rooms.

Sharing flyers in interesting way

If you are in a big city or in a tourist attraction area where you have a big traffic of people, sharing flyers is something that occurred to almost anyone. I know, it’s boring and annoying, most of the people don’t want to take them or they do but they don’t look at it. That’s why you have to be different.

Put on a costume that represents the theme of your room (Dracula, Robin Hood, Prisoner, Detective…), walk on the main street or hold still like you are a modeling doll and then scare people while they are passing by. They are going to love it, they are going to remember what you did, and they will be intrigued to look online what was that about.

One more thing you can do is to record people’s reaction and later make promotional videos.

Tourist agencies

If you have a chance to be in area with lots of tourists make agreements with tourist agencies near you. These offers can influence people to go to specific places that they wouldn’t visit otherwise.

For example if you are on the seaside where you have a lot of cruisers, you can offer them special discount for their passengers in order to promote your escape room. Take note that these people are usually staying for a day and not coming back, so attracting these people even with discount can only be a big plus.

Let other escape room owners play for free

The best promotion is good recommendation and who is better in promoting your room than other owners. As you know, most of the groups that already played your rooms will ask you for advice about playing other escape rooms. You would always want to recommend something that’s good, because if they don’t like it, they will connect that with you and your recommendation.

More recommendations means more groups. So, the common sense will tell you that you should invite all escape room owners near you to play your room for free. Don’t worry, people are good by nature and they will return the favor and you will have a good promotion of your business.

These are some of the ways, but not the only ones, to attract more customers for escape room. If you have some ideas or suggestions, we would be happy to hear about it.

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