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Are you an existing Escape Room business owner who is looking to add some new escape games to your offer?
Or are you an escape room enthusiast who is thinking about starting your own escape rooms?
Let us guide you!

Our Escape Room journey started in July 2015 and since then we have opened 25 escape rooms in Serbia, plus we have sold our games blueprints and scenarios to owners in other countries (USA, Spain, UK, Denmark, Croatia, etc)

What we provide:

  • Detailed walk-through of the game
  • Detail architecture sketches with the position of every object modified specifically for your place
  • Full list of items and furniture that you need to buy for the games
  • Printable materials that are necessary for the game
  • All-time support during your work
  • Sharing our marketing strategy that helped us to attract a lot of customers

Basically we offer you everything that you need to build the escape room we designed, on your own with our remote assistance.

All our rooms can easily be adjusted to almost any space you have.

What we would suggest is that you send us your floor plan, and let us know how big is your budget for the build of the games, so we can give you the best recommendations.

Here are some of our game designs:

Here is the list of escape room companies that are using our game designs:

The games have earned a total of over 10000 excellent Google and Tripadvisor reviews in all locations where they were played.

Interested in buying our escape room designs?

Send us an e-mail.

The address is: