Just like you we are a group of escape room enthusiasts and that’s how we decided to start our business. Having an ordinary job, doing something we don’t like until the rest of our lives, has never been an option for any of us. So, our aim has always been to work on something creative  and enjoy making people happy. We have taken the chance and never regretted it.

Escape rooms are expanding all over the globe and if you want to be part of the growing trend, this could be your chance to start your own business, regardless if your plan is to do this for a living or as a side job.

We can help you create something exciting and unique where you will be able to provide the most unforgettable experience for the players. And when players are happy you will also be rich, OH I mean happy.


60 minutes and the clock is ticking...










Friends & Families

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your friends and family or if you are just a couple that wants to try something different – the escape room adventure is an experience that you will remember long after you finish game and you will definitely want to come back and play another room.


In almost every city escape rooms are one of the top tourist attractions and something that you don’t want to miss. If you want to explore the city in a new way, escape room is what you should try.


Most of the gamers always wanted to experience games they were playing and now they will have the chance to finally do so. No special knowledge is required to play and there is no intense physical activity within the game. All you need is the willingness to have a good time.

Team Building

The more escape rooms you have the better your chances to have large groups of players from team building. This game is perfect to build up team chemistry and create social interaction, so it’s a great team building exercise for companies and organizations.


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Answers to common questions below...

What is an Escape Room?

Escape room is an interactive game in real life (in actual space) where a team of 2-5 players have the task to escape (or finish the whole game) in 60 minutes from one or more rooms of certain theme like Dracula’s chambers, Murder at the Masonic Lodge, Horror Movies etc.  where players have to find clues, use objects and solve puzzles in order to finish the game.  It’s nothing like you have ever seen before,  it’s unique and challenging , it’s something that you will remember for life and talk about weeks after finishing the game and above all – it’s super fun.


Who can play escape rooms and what is majority of your players?

Just about anybody can play, if you are open minded, if you think outside the box and want to try something new and different while spending time with your family and friends, you will definitely love this game. Majority of our players are usually between 15-40 years old, but we had even smaller kids playing with their parents or friends and grandparents who came with their family to see what is that escape room they are all talking about.


How much does it cost to make one escape room?

It depends on you and how much money you want to invest.  It can cost from 3000 Euros/Dollars up to 15000$ and more. If you are beginner in this business or you want to start your own escape room business it’s better to choose themes and rooms that doesn’t cost that much to build, and still you can create top escape room experience for the players.  For example, making Dracula’s chambers cost us around 3000 Euros/Dollars but for Murder at Masonic Lodge we had to set aside around 9000 Euros/Dollars because we were using more electronics, projectors, mechanisms, animations etc. and generally invest more money in atmosphere.


How many groups do you have per day?

This is something that depends on many things such as your location, country, surroundings etc. But from all experience we have, we can tell you one thing: if you really put some effort and become dedicated to succeed you will become successful in the escape room business. And if you choose us as partners,  you will have all the time our support in providing some of the marketing tricks that helped us to attract more customers. Just as an example, on busy days like weekends you can have 5-6 groups a day, while during working days it’s usually one group per day. Do the math.


How much does one escape room last (functioning time)?

There is no real limit of one escape room lasting. For example, if you had 800 groups in one of your escape rooms during past years that’s around 3000 people and for example you are in a city or a region of a million people. As you can see this is just a drop in the ocean, not to mention that escape rooms are a top tourist destination in almost every city, and the majority of your players will be tourists.


How much time do we need to create one escape room?

If you choose an escape room that already exists in different locations (which we always recommend) you will need, with our help, up to 6-8 weeks to make it. But, if you choose (which you can) to create a custom made escape room with a theme that you choose, we need up to one month to create everything for that escape room and then some time for you to make it.


What room should I choose?

What we always suggest to people is to choose something that already exists (in different location) and that’s already proven to be one of the best escape room experiences in that town and region. This way you are not just buying something that’s only on paper, but something that really exists and that you can check how successful it is. Everything else it depends on you and how much money you want to invest in something.


Do you provide any benefits in paying if we decide to be your partners?

YES we do. Besides buying escape room that are proven to be one of the best experiences for the players (and you can check that by visiting our tripadvisor and facebook page) we offer you numerous benefits in paying if you choose us as partners. If you choose to buy 2 or more escape games, we can provide you with up to 25% discount.

The biggest PLUS of our offer is that we don’t ask you of ANY additional fees, like franchise yearly fee, royalty fee, like most other escape room franchise companies, so every profit you make in your escape room is only YOURS.

Send us an email to get more information about our special offer.

Can we adjust an escape room to the space that we have?

Almost any theme and escape room can be adjusted to the space you have. If you haven’t chosen the space that you are going to use, we can advise you, according to the theme that you choose, what kind of space you need, so that you can make most of it with minimum costs.



Do you have any tips for new owners?

A lot. Escape room business is something that’s fast growing as industry of fun, that’s expending in every corner of the Earth. It’s a place where you can be creative and have fun and do that in flexible working hours or even as your second job.  The only boss that you will have are your customers.  The best advice that somebody can give you in almost any business and especially in this one is to dedicate yourself to the goal you want to accomplish. We are starting our blog soon, where you will be able to find many useful tips, or you can contact us, as we will be more than happy to help you regardless if you want to become our partners or not.



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